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Mt. Ashland Association Board Of Directors

Lisa Beam – President

Lisa Beam learned to ski using the infamous rope tow of Mt. Ashland in the late seventies. As her skills progressed through the years, it was her passion for the sport that drew her to compete on high school and college race teams and eventually landed her in Colorado. There she worked for Winter Park Resort and spent some time as a snowboard instructor and racing boarder cross.  Ultimately, she met her husband, Tom, and moved back to Ashland in 2000.  Snow sports continues to be a focus of her family life along with her daughter, Olivia.

As graduate of Willamette University with a B.S. in Business Economics she and her husband operate two restaurants in Ashland—Pasta Piatti and Sesame Asian Kitchen. She has served on the board of directors for the Ashland Chamber of Commerce since 2007 and currently sits as Past President and chairs the Health and Wellness Committee.

Knowing first-hand the value of a lifetime sport she joined the Mt. Ashland Assocation board in 2008. It is her goal to see Mt. Ashland continue to be a place of community, family and friendships for the decades ahead.

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Darrel Jarvis – Vice President

Darrel Jarvis was born and raised in California. In 1992, Darrel moved to Oregon to attend law school and moved to Southern Oregon immediately following his graduation in 1995. Darrel has maintained a private law practice specializing in business and real estate matters since 1995.

Darrel moved to Southern Oregon to be close to its outdoor recreation opportunities. To the extent possible, he spends his free time in the outdoors with his wife and children rafting, camping, cycling and (of course) skiing.

Darrel has served on the Mt. Ashland Association Board since 2009 and is currently serving as the Board’s vice president. Aside from the outstanding recreational opportunities that Mt. Ashland provides, Darrel firmly believes that the ski area is a critical component to Southern Oregon’s economy and community.

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Robert Hague - Treasurer

A 1993 graduate of Southern Oregon University (formerly known as Southern Oregon State College) with a bachelor of science in accounting, Robert is a certified public accountant and partner with the CPA firm KDP Certified Public Accountants, LLP.  Robert has been in public accounting for 25 years and a CPA for 14 years.  The CPA firm focuses on traditional public accounting services which includes audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements and all types of income tax preparation and compliance.  Robert has been helping small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and individuals in the Rogue Valley throughout his career.

Robert graduated from Crater High School in Central Point in 1983.  From 1983 to 1993 Robert was a river guide working rivers in Oregon, California, Arizona, West Virginia, and Maryland, spending three summers working in the Grand Canyon as a river guide. Robert also spent three winters working at a ski area in New Hampshire and even working a ski season at Mt. Ashland as a snow cat operator-groomer.

Robert is involved with the Mt. Ashland Association Board because he values the importance of having a local ski area, the recreation it provides everybody and its positive impact on the community.  He feels that we are lucky we have Mt. Ashland Ski Area.

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Alan DeBoer - Secretary

Alan DeBoer has lived in Ashland his whole life and learned to ski on Mt. Ashland as a junior at Ashland High School. His wife, Becky, children Derek, Holly, and their families have all learned to ski at this great resource that he feels we must keep for our future generations.

Co-owner of Ashland's TC Chevrolet, Alan has been on the Board off and on since the "Save the Mountain Campaign" when the current non-profit purchased it.  He is the Former Mayor of the City of Ashland,

The picture is Alan with his then 11-year-old granddaughter, racing for MARA.

Send Alan an email message at

Frank Rote – Past-President

Frank Rote moved to Southern Oregon in 1989 to live near Mt. Ashland. Besides skiing he has practiced law in Grants Pass since moving here and continues to do so. Frank has been involved with Mt. Ashland for most of his time in the Rogue Valley; first with the Mt. Ashland Racing Association followed by the Medford Ski Education Foundation prior to joining the board of Mt. Ashland.

In addition to enjoying Mt. Ashland with his family, Frank can also be found chasing steelhead on the Rogue River.

Frank looks forward to seeing you on the mountain.

Send Frank and email message at

Shelley Austin

Shelley Austin grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and skied at every resort in Colorado and New Mexico. She spent her high school years on the ski team in Revelstoke, B.C.  She raised her two boys skiing and riding on Mt. Ashland – both of them grew up to be state snowboard champions. The whole family continues to love the backcountry in all its glory by skiing, backpacking, rafting, hiking together as often as possible.

Shelley holds a degree in economics from the University of Colorado. Since moving to Ashland in 1990, she has worked with, volunteered for and served on many boards of Rogue Valley organizations. She is the Executive Director of the Jackson County Library Foundation, whose mission is financial support of library services and programs. The Foundation accepts donations, bequests and estate gifts, and disburses endowment proceeds. Shelley’s professional experience includes fund raising, grant writing, marketing, event planning and corporate sponsorship.

She is dedicated to Mt. Ashland and its success and will focus on youth and the outdoor education programs for the foreseeable future as chairperson of Mt. Ashland’s Youth and Education Committee.

Send Shelley an email message at

Annette Batzer

Annette Batzer is a native Oregonian who grew up relishing the outdoor world. She believes our natural resources are treasures to be cherished and held in good care for future generations to enjoy. She has been an active volunteer in many Rogue Valley organizations, most recently as a board member of the Gordon Elwood Foundation, which strives to create collaborations throughout our region and to leverage resources to bring about the changes we hope for. She started skiing as a child at Mt. Ashland the year it opened and has been enjoying the mountain ever since. She has been a volunteer Ski Patroller at Mt. Ashland since 2007.

Annette has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, involved in all aspects of patient care, quality improvement, reimbursement, program development and certification.  She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Oregon Health Sciences University. In 2001 she created the Advanced Wound Center, now at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center where she still practices as a Nurse Practitioner.

Annette’s real love is world wandering, seeing what’s around the next corner, exploring our natural world, by foot and sea.

Send Annette an email message at

Chris Cook

Growing up in western New York, Chris set out to find the perfect place to go to college. After a Greyhound bus trip around the country, she chose Salt Lake City. Studying at Westminster College and the University of Utah cemented Chris’ lifelong love of skiing. She is an avid Nordic and telemark skier, hiker and lover of the outdoors.

Now, with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing professional services and higher education, Chris has turned her focus to helping organizations define and live their brand through her company, Capiche. Chris is dedicated to leadership coaching, organizational change and marketing—with a keen focus on the importance of happiness in the workplace and positive psychology.

A certified professional coach and master in management, Chris serves as a mentor for the Sustainable Valley Technology Group and is a member of SOREDI’s Business Recruitment and Retention Committee – as well as a strategist and contributor for SOREDI’s new “Edge” campaign to attract businesses to southern Oregon. In addition to chairing Mt. Ashland Association’s Community Outreach Committee, she is a board member of Thrive (The Rogue Valley Initiative for a Vital Economy).

Send Chris an email message at

Blair Moody

Blair Moody has served on the Mt. Ashland Board for more than 15 years and is a Past President. He is an avid skier and supporter of Mt. Ashland and the team that helps make it one the best small ski areas in the Northwest.  

Blair loves forests and nature’s beauty and enjoys every day being outdoors, which motivated him to get his bachelor’s degree in Forest Management at Northern Arizona University. He has worked as a forester for 37 years in private industry, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Forest Service.  He is a Certified Forester and a Fellow of the Society of American Foresters.

Blair has served on many non-profit community and professional boards in Arizona and Oregon. He has volunteered for the past 27 years to Southern Oregon University as Advisory Board President and more recently as the Foundation Board President. Blair believes in higher education and supporting students in their desire to receive an education that will help change their lives.

Send Blair an email message at

Hank O’Dougherty

Hank O’Dougherty was born and raised in California. He started skiing at the age of 14 via the local ski shop’s bus to the mountain. It was a two- to four-hour trip each way, depending on weather. Sporting his first successful tip drop 1973, Hank grew up with a pack of boys tearing up Mt. Reba at Bear Valley.

Hank began his 30+ year business career as a CPA with a national firm and since moving to Ashland in 1989, was CEO of a local manufacturing firm for the past 16 years.

The father of three capable, beautiful daughters, Hank has sat on a number of charitable boards in the past. The most recent was as Board Chair for the Siskiyou School.

Hank says he believes Mt. Ashland is too important of a Rogue Valley asset to let it languish. He is committed to open, straightforward communication, loves the energy and drive of Oregonians because as a group we make things happen.

“Skiing powder is still my favorite thing to do in the whole world.”

Send Hank an email message at

Michael Wisnovsky

Michael Wisnovsky moved with his family to the Rogue Valley in 1971 when he was four years old.  In 1972 they started Valley View Winery in the Applegate Valley. Mike started skiing at age 10 during a family trip to Mt. Bachelor and skied at Mt. Ashland throughout high school. After graduating with an Economics degree from UCLA he returned to the Rogue Valley to help run the family winery.

Mike has served on several non profit boards and organizations, including past president of the Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club. He met his wife, Kim, in the Rogue Valley and they have two kids who both started skiing on Mt Ashland at age three.

Experience in running a small business that is dependent on the climate has led Mike to the board of Mt. Ashland. Mike believes that Mt. Ashland is more than just a skiing experience but a way to engage with your family and community that supports a healthy lifestyle and beautiful environment.

Send Mike an email message at 

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